Reducing Complexity In A Complex World

Reducing complexity in such a complex world is certainly a challenge.

Come with me and step up to the challenge. I’m convinced that much of the complexity in our lives is self-imposed. So, it is up to us to peel back the layers and find the core of simplicity that draws us to the most important things in our lives.

It’s everywhere!

In today’s world, complexity seems almost, inescapable. Both in our personal and professional lives, the minimum level of complexity that we must contend with on a daily basis is ever increasing. So, finding ways to reduce complexity and mitigate the associated risks that come along with it is a key part of my personal strategy. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m hiding in a dark room waiting for the world to end. I work in an inherently complex field and many of my personal endeavors are wrapped in multiple layers of complexity. All of these family, business, technology, music, fitness, aviation, even DIY projects carry a great deal of complexity with them. But, we don’t have to make it harder than it has to be.

So What’s the point?

It all comes back around to how I plan, execute, and evaluate the technical projects in my professional life. I strive to distill requirements down to their simplest form. Then, I try to match them up with a solution that contains the fewest moving parts. Finally, I devise an efficient course of action to get from point A to point B or current state to future state if you prefer. Along the way and at the conclusion on the project, I review and verify my successes and failures.

So, this may seem a bit obvious and on the nose but in my work experience I’ve found this t0 be more of an exception than the rule. Recently, I had the opportunity to observe a technology deployment that was rife with excess complexity, poor planning, and even worse communication. In this particular case, the team was oversized and there was a prevailing culture of siloed skills and knowledge. So, sometimes less is indeed more. I’ve found that small cohesive teams rallying behind a common objective will always beat a large lumbering cloud of chaos.



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